The role of a Key Person

Each child is allocated a key person amongst the pre-school staff.

Emphasis is now on spending time with the children, getting to know them, learning how each develop as individuals and therefore knowing them inside out, upside down and back to front rather than unnecessary paperwork required in the past !

We pride ourselves on how well we know our children- not only our own group of children- but all of them.

The only required assessment is a 2 year old progress check. Your child’s key person will carry this out an share the assessment with you.

Key persons are continuously observing the children and are experienced enough to then know how well they are progressing, maybe where a helping hand may be needed and plan accordingly for further development and progression.

We do find the time to do a little paperwork by putting together a scrapbook type folder in which we have snapshot photos maybe with a few words. At the end of each term we will share this with parents ( along with a developmental summary to date)  showing their learning journey  with us so far. You can always look at it at any time in between. When your child leaves- this is yours as a memento of their time with us

Your child’s key worker is always happy to have a chat with you. You can also speak with other members of staff too.