It is important to let us know if your child is absent due to an illness/infection/injury.

Sickness and diarrhoea- 48 hours must have lapsed since the last attack before your child returns.

Chicken Pox- your child can return to preschool once all the spots have scabbed and there are no new ones.

Impetigo- Your child must not return until the lesions have crusted/healed.

ConjunctivitisYour child is able to attend once treatment has started

Head Injury- We also ask that your child does not attend pre-school if they have had a head injury in last 48 hrs if doctors or hospital treatment was necessary. We ask that you advise us of any head injury whether medical attention was given or not.

We also ask that if your child is taking anti-biotics, for them not to attend pre-school in the first 48 hours, this is just in case they take an allergic reaction to the medication

It is also important to keep your child at home and inform us if they have any other kind of infection including German measles and Slapped Cheek Disease as some infections impose a risk to expectant mothers.

If your child has Head Lice, we ask they are treated before they return to pre-school. Head Lice is very easily spread from person to person and it is therefore important treatment is given as soon as the condition is noticed to prevent further cases.