Parental Involvement

Everyone in the childcare profession recognises parents as the first and important educators of their young children. Our pre-school aims to support parents and welcomes their involvement.

Parents are welcome to:

  • Share their own special interests and cultures with us
  • Be involved in their child’s learning and development alongside their child’s key person
  • Become a committee member and take part in the management of the pre-school


We also ask parents to complete an “evaluation of setting” questionnaire each summer.

Some of the comments we received are:

“Thank you for making my children’s lives at pre-school a happy time and given them happy memories and confidence for the rest of their lives”

“Pre-school is the only place he is happy to go without me!”

“From the very first day I felt happy and relaxed about leaving her. She settled really well and I believe this was because of the combination of a happy relaxed environment along with friendly, warm and happy teachers” “A happy child makes a very happy Mummy”

“It has definitely¬†helped build her confidence and being at this pre-school will ease her transition into school”

“Thank you for making my child’s first year at pre-school an amazing experience”

“It is a wonderful pre-school- friendly and fun where my children has loved being. I have never worried about leaving them in such good hands. As we as a family come to the end of our pre-school years- all I can say is thankyou. You have made it so easy and special and has given them memories that will last. We are very lucky our children love you all and will miss you a lot”